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Masaki Kobayashi

Vice President,
Head of NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories
Masaki Kobayashi


Various ICT services have been rapidly developed to cope with the diversification of information and communication, and the continuously increasing amount of information that is passing through the telecommunications network.


To provide high-speed optical services that can deal with this increase in the future, we at NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories are engaged in advanced research and development that includes work on a new structure for optical fiber and the sophistication of optical access systems.


We are reducing the cost of new optical services and speeding up their establishment, and of course, we are undertaking the research and development of various technologies to improve the operation and maintenance of the optical access network. In addition, we are developing basic communication technologies such as cable accommodation structures and underground conduits that can survive disasters and automation technologies to connect services via satellite communication systems and high-speed wireless systems. This will allow us to restore broadband services quickly even when a disaster such as an earthquake or tsunami affects a large area. Through the research and development of disaster-resistant access network systems, we aim to provide an information network environment that will allow subscribers to use secure optical broadband services conveniently at any time.


In addition, we are actively working to support activities related to overseas deployment and the international standardization of the results of the research and development of optical access service system technologies. Japan now has almost full broadband coverage and the percentage of the population with high-speed broadband access is the highest in the world, and we are also promoting activities that support NTT Group’s global expansion.


At NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories our aim is to realize a prosperous and comfortable society by the development of broadband ubiquitous communications. Therefore, we will continue to contribute to the expansion of the high-speed access network infrastructure with a focus on optics and the creation of novel access services through our research and development activities.