NTT Access Network service systems Laboratories
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Overview of the Laboratories

NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories are found in two locations - Tsukuba Research and Development Center and Yokosuka Research and Development Center - and are undertaking R&D into access networks, which link customers to NTT central offices.


Specifically, our wide range of R&D topics includes the enhancement of optical access systems to enable high-speed optical access services, the enhancement of operation systems to support widespread optical access services, and technologies to allow prompt bulk provisioning of optical broadband services, as well as technology to produce simple, easy-to-handle and convenient optical fiber cables, to provide seamless means of access using wireless access technology, and to reduce the cost of cables, conduits and other infrastructure facilities.
In addition, the Laboratories are working on a new service that will deliver multi-channel videos and IP communication signals over a single optical fiber.

R&D of NTT Access Network Service System Laboratories
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